Vyacheslav Picardo

NFTNFT Artist. I draw variousvarious stylesstyles andand trends inin finefine artart inin electronicelectronic format.format.

We givegive youyou a piecepiece of ourselvesourselves forfor a newnew looklook atat artart

Debrah Ashford


I like working in a team. Ricardo's work is also capable of turning programming into art

Yukio Mishima


for me, advertising is a search for a way to the heart of the client

Kevin Albhert

Director of Marketing

You may think you know the basics of marketing. But in fact, every day opens up more and more new horizons.

Howard Turnbase


I'm new to the team. About 2 years. But my view of the profession has changed dramatically during this time.



We are looking for sources of inspiration in everyday life



We work hard to convey our view of the world to you as honestly as possible



Our team is working hard to ensure high-quality publication of the material



We try to maintain friendly relations with popular media and TV

Ricardo's creativity is always about discovering new things in yourself and the world around you.

Sonnah Ruiz

I've known Ricardo since he was in the army. Thank you for you for always being yourself.

Darius Parker

I know how difficult it was for Vyacheslav to return to his roots in America from Russia. And I'm glad he did it.

Ellington Chrissie
You can see all my NFTs life, in my gallery. And if you wish, you can purchase them together with their NFT-electronic version for a price equal to the cost of the electronic NFT version.
For purchase of live paintings or other questions – write to me

Exhibitions Russia

  • Erarta Museum

    December 2015, Saint Petersburg

  • Museum of Modern Art

    January 2015, Moscow

Exhibitions Europe

  • Arco Madrid 2019

    2019, Spain